New Star Tennis out now

January 22, 2010

Oxford, UK — New Star Games are proud to announce the release of New Star Tennis for PC and Mac. Featuring an in-depth career mode with a full tour of 66 tournaments, New Star Tennis throws you into the world of a rising young tennis star.

About New Star Tennis

New Star Tennis is unlike any other tennis game out there. It couples a fun and addictive game of tennis with a detailed career mode that gives you a glimpse into the life of a young tennis star. Starting out as a 16 year old newcomer to the circuit you must train hard and win tournaments around the globe as you compete on the NSG World Tour. As you earn points you will move up the ranking chart, earning cash and sponsorship deals along the way. It’s not all tennis though! To keep your spirits up you can spend time in the casino, go karting, play darts, or even buy and train race horses!

Trial versions are available for PC and Mac from

About New Star Games Ltd.

Based in Oxford, UK, New Star Games are a small independent company with a passion for sport. Please visit for more information.