Gamma offers Solace

March 12, 2015

Pittsburgh, PA – GAMMA Sports (GAMMA) is now shipping Solace, an advanced multifilament string featuring a high-energy TNT2 Dual Core technology and high tenacity multifilament outer wraps bonded together by a polyurethane matrix and coated with a soft abrasion resistant TPU for maximum comfort and exceptional playability.

In addition to a full set, Solace will be sold as a half set main string paired with Glide cross string; Glide Hybrid with Solace.

When compared to other popular multifilament strings, Solace delivers greater string bed deflection on impact, storing more energy in the strings and pocketing the ball. This makes Solace ideal in a full string bed, as a cross string with poly or as a main string with Glide Cross String.

Players with slow to moderate swing speeds will benefit from the power and vibration dampening of Solace. Players with faster swing speeds will benefit from the control, comfort and feel.

GAMMA Solace Specifications:

GAMMA Glide Hybrid w/ Solace Specifications:

See Solace in action on the GAMMA Tennis YouTube Channel:

Select tennis specialty shops are offering an introductory promotion where players can purchase Solace strung at a discount. Consumers can locate a distributor or local tennis specialty shop by visiting the GAMMA website homepage and entering their zip code, emailing [email protected] or calling 800-333-0337 for a nearby tennis specialty shop.