Prince O3 Speedport Racquets Hit the Road for O3 Speed Challenge

January 16, 2007

Media, Players of all Levels Invited to Take Part in 24-City Tour

01/16/07 – Bordentown, NJ – The year 2007 marks a revolution in tennis racquet speed with Prince’s introduction of O3 Speedport. Players of all levels will have a chance to get on the court with O3 Speedport when Prince takes the racquet line on the road for a 24-city tour called the O3 Speed Challenge.

Players and members of the media will get the opportunity to try out O3 Speedport and receive personalized, on-court equipment advice. Prince teaching professionals will be on hand to give players the same attention that touring pros receive to help them improve their games and “rule the court.” All participants will receive a free gift from Prince at the event.

The O3 Speed Challenge will kick off on Feb. 2 at the Sea Cliff Country Club in Huntington Beach, Calif. and continue to the following cities:

City Date Venue

Stay tuned to for more dates and venues in these cities.

O3 Speedport racquets are up to 24 percent faster than traditional frames – allowing them to cut through the air more quickly with no extra effort. This leads to increased racquet head-speed through the entire swing pattern and produces consistently sharper, cleaner shots.

The string holes, called Speedports, are sculpted like the air intake ducts on fighter planes and high performance sports cars. They allow more air to pass through the frame more quickly, dramatically reducing aerodynamic drag. Wind resistance is reduced by up to 24 percent.

O3 Speedport uses Prince’s patented O-Port string hole technology as a starting point, but enlarges and reshapes the holes to reduce air drag and deliver the promise of extra racquet speed without the need for extra body effort.

“O3’s core premise revolves around oversize string holes (O-Ports), which are ideally suited to improve aerodynamics,” said Roberto Gazzara, director of research and development at Prince. “By refining the size, location, and shape of these ports we’ve been able to increase racquet speed dramatically, which improves the ability for players to get their racquet in position, making better ball contact and hitting more clean and precise shots.”

O3 Speedport will initially launch in two models – O3 Speedport Silver and O3 Speedport Red. Both models are available at specialty tennis retail stores nationwide beginning Jan. 10, 2007. O3 Speedport Blue will be available beginning Feb. 15, 2007.

Prince Sports, Inc., based in New Jersey, is a recognized leader in game-improvement technologies and engineering-based high-performance sports equipment. Since 1970, Prince and Ektelon have revolutionized tennis, squash and racquetball with innovations including “Oversize,” “Longbody” and “Extender” racquet technologies, Natural Foot Shape footwear technology, Synthetic Gut String and Electronic Ball Machines. Prince gives players speed, stability and a larger sweet spot with O3 racquet technology, building the brand with O3 Original Series (2005), O3 Hybrid (2006) and O3 Speedport (2007). In 2006, Prince introduced M Series footwear with Precision Tube Technology, an innovation that gives players maximum cushioning, stability and ventilation. Prince Sports has operations on three continents and distribution in over 100 countries. For more information, please visit