NGI Sports Gives Tennis a New Kind of ‘Green’

March 14, 2007

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (March 14, 2007) – Environmentally-friendly tennis court surfaces are being developed one layer at a time by NGI Sports, a division of River City Athletics, LLC. Over the past nine years NGI has developed and offered tennis court surfaces utilizing recycled and sustainable elements.

Not only known for surfacing systems that are economical and aesthetically pleasing, NGI is also setting the standard in the industry by applying environmentally sensitive methods for manufacturing and installation of tennis courts. The company provides surfacing systems that replace the use of solvent and petroleum-based materials and employ alternative “green” materials instead. NGI surfaces also last longer and can be installed easily over deteriorating surfaces.

NGI’s Nova’ProBounce system, a cushioned, all-weather surface system, replaces environmentally unfriendly solvent and petroleum based asphalt pavements. Alternatively, the production process used for the construction of the ProBounce court surface is a smart energy choice because it does not employ high volumes of fossil fuels or release hazardous gases, such as carbon dioxide, because no heavy equipment is required for the installation process. Asphalt and concrete (traditional court surfaces) require the use of heavy construction equipment that consumes large volumes of fossil fuels for both delivery and installation. Fossil fuels are also the basis for heating and making asphalt pliable for installation and clean up.

The installation process of NGI’s court surfaces is an easy process: not only is the need for heavy equipment not necessary, but also the process is environmentally non-invasive to the current landscaping and existing vegetation. Fencing and amenities are not removed as all work can be completed within the fence line. Landscaping can be salvaged because it is not destroyed during the construction process.

ProBounce is a monolithic pavement that is constructed through energy efficient technology using cold-applied, water-based resin coatings and natural aggregates for tennis court construction. The patented pavement NGI works with also utilizes a urethane waterproofing, which is made from 60 to 70 percent recycled and sustainable natural materials by weight. Components of the coating are based on polymers extracted from soybean oil, a renewable resource that, unlike petroleum, is easily and readily replenished without harm to the environment. Additionally, it is a stronger material than traditional latex backing that requires extreme heat in the production-curing process.  

For installation effectiveness, NGI has moved away from the practice of using solvent-based adhesives that may be dangerous to the environment or to the user. During court installation, tape and adhesives utilized for seaming processes make for a long-lasting court. Instead of using solvent-based adhesives, NGI courts are joined by one-component moisture cure urethane adhesives. When combined with their eco-friendly urethane coated backings, these adhesives not only last longer and provide maximum playability, but also do not risk harm to the environment nor to human health.

All NGI surfaces are divorced slipsheets – free-floating above the surface – that can be installed directly over badly cracked existing asphalt and concrete courts. These surfaces are very efficient because the existing base materials of a court do not need to be removed and the deteriorating pavement can be recycled. Recycling the cracked pavement is accomplished by completing surface repairs and then using the existing damaged pavement as the base for this new process. An added appeal, NGI’s systems are guaranteed against cracks from below transmitting to the finished monolithic pavement on top.

In addition to resurfacing, the patented ProBounce system can also be used in new construction and installed directly over a crushed rock base, eliminating the need for an asphalt or concrete underlayment. White Bear Racquet Club in Minnesota recently installed this surface over an in-ground radiant heat system and crushed rock base to maximize player comfort and minimize energy consumption. The radiant heat delivers heating during the winter to the player, transmitted from heated water from below the surface instead of gas heat blown from above. The blown gas heat rises and must be pushed down from ceiling fans and requires three times the energy to warm players, which is inefficient.

Innovation at NGI Sports is nothing new, and creating courts made from eco-friendly materials is their newest mission: creating a healthier environment and longer-lasting court, thus, a healthier and longer-lasting planet.

NGI Sports, a division of River City Athletics, LLC, has been a sports surfacing leader for over 20 years. For more information call 800-835-0033 or visit