USPTA Launches Online Resource for High School Tennis Coaches

April 24, 2007

HOUSTON — The United States Professional Tennis Association has launched a new Web site that offers extensive resources to high school tennis coaches and others who work with high school tennis teams and players.

USPTA developed the new Web site, at, to assist high school and other coaches who shape thousands of young tennis players each year. Its main goal is to provide resources that enable coaches to organize effective team practices for large groups. One of the most important elements is a practice template with a large library of drills and games that can be copied and pasted into the template to create a high school practice session of any length or complexity. Like many of the resources, the drills and games are time-tested by the finest tennis-teaching professionals in the world.

The resource center is the ideal tool to help promote the idea of “no-cut tennis” for high school teams by benefiting both new and experienced players, according to Jane Brown-Grimes, president of the United States Tennis Association.

“High school tennis plays a critical role in growing the game. We need to do all we can to provide high school coaches with the tools they need to run effective programs. The USPTA’s High School Coaches Resource Center will do just that. We are particularly excited about how this can help develop more ‘no-cut’ high school teams,” said Grimes.

The site,, represents possibly the largest collection of resources on teaching and playing tennis. The information comes from many sources, including almost four years worth of TV show productions for “On Court with USPTA™,” video recordings of both specialty courses and seminars from past USPTA World Conferences, audio seminars from past World Conferences, DVD productions from special events, including the USPTA Competitive Player Development Conferences, drills, games and more. The site is free to USPTA members and available through a subscription for non-USPTA members.

The high school resource site is one of seven independent sites hosted by USPTA. It will continue to evolve as new resources are added.

FACT SHEET — USPTA High School Coaches Resource Center

Who: Coaches, whether full or part time, and those who work with large groups of tennis players and students all benefit from the information on the USPTA High School Coaches Resource Center site. Coaches benefit through the user-friendly resources and the efficiency with which they can plan and execute practices. Students benefit from organized instruction and the additional education imparted by their coaches.

What: The High School Coaches Resource Center is an online resource library hosted by the United States Professional Tennis Association. It includes:

Where: Follow the instructions to register.

How: The Web-based resources can be accessed by USPTA members for free and by non-USPTA members for a subscription cost. Some of the resources may be printed out and used as lesson plans or team practice ideas. Other links provide continuing education for teachers and coaches, and USPTA members may earn continuing education credits for viewing certain DVDs.

Why: USPTA has produced and collected more resources on teaching and playing tennis, at all levels, than any other organization in tennis. This site allows USPTA to share these resources with all teachers and coaches, especially those who work with high school students and teams. These resources also make team organization and practices more efficient and effective for coaches and players.