New Gamma Products for 2007

June 26, 2007

Smart Grip™ Overgrip — New Micro-Textured, Thin Overgrip

Smart Grip™ Overgrip is the only grip that grips you back! The micro-textured DermaGrip™ surface grips your hand for more traction and control. Most importantly, the elastic backing material stretches thin providing exceptional performance with minimal grip buildup. Available in white, blue or black 3-packs.

Available: At once


Hand Print™ Overgrip 60-Piece Display Box — New

Hand Print™ Overgrip is now available in a new 60-Piece Display Box for point-of-purchase sales. With 3 patterns and 7 color schemes, Hand Print Ovegrip has become one of the most popular printed overgrips on the market. Hand Print Overgrip is also available by pattern/color in 3-packs.

Available: At once


Shockbuster® Vibration Dampener — Over 3 Million Sold + New Colors

Gamma Sports Shockbuster® vibration dampener surpassed sales of 3 million units. This success is contributed directly to the effectiveness of the patented Zorbicon® Gel filler that dampens vibration against a wider frequency range than any other dampener material on the market.

To keep the momentum rolling, Gamma has added two new colors to the Shockbuster line. The new shades of red and light blue match many current frames on the market and expand the line to 8 colors (white, black, yellow, blue, purple, light pink, red and light blue).

Available: At once

Shocknot™ — New Zorbicon® Tie-On Dampener

The Shocknot™ is the first Zorbicon® tie-on vibration dampener. Made from the same gel that fills Gamma’s number one selling overgrip, the Shocknot can be installed on a racquet in multiple configurations to vary the amount of shock and vibration dampening. An ideal product for players that use a rubber band, the Shocknot provides the same feel but absorbs harmful shock more effectively. Available in 2-packs; red/blue, yellow/green, and black/white.

Available: At once


Ballhopper® Hi-Rise™ 75 Retro – Old-School Style Meets Today’s Basket Technology

Customers asked for it so Gamma is bringing back the original Ballhopper® Hi-Rise™ 75 for a limited time. The Ballhopper Hi-Rise 75 is available, while supplies last, in its original Ballhopper orange color, now with reinforced bottom welds and Diamond Clad powder coating. Available 1 basket per box or 6 baskets per box.

Available: At once


Ballhopper® Brute™ Divider — Ideal for USTA 36/60 Program

The Ballhopper® Brute™ Divider divides Brute Teaching Cart into two sections allowing the cart to hold two types of balls. The Brute Divider is ideal for use with the USTA 36/60 Program as it allows the Brute to hold Gamma starter (Revolution) and transition (First Set™) balls for kids’s clinics. Teaching Pros and coaches can also use the divided cart to separate balls from teaching materials and court markers. The Brute Divider features heavy-duty steel construction with Diamond-Clad powder coating. The Brute Divider ships with tie wraps to secure it in the Brute cart.

Available: At once


Revolution Starter Ball 60-Pack — New USTA 36/60 Program Packaging

The GAMMA Revolution Starter Balls are now available in clinic-sized 60-packs. The new 60-pack was developed for Teaching Pros instructing children with the USTA 36/60 Program. The oversized Revolution foam balls have a Magnacore™ that offers a consistent reliable bounce that makes an easier target for children.

Available: At once


Gamma Adds 3 Vinyl Headband Nets — Now the Most Comprehensive Net Product Line in the Industry

Gamma will be adding 3 vinyl headband nets to their current product line, currently only available with 4-ply woven polyester headbands. The vinyl headbands will be added to Gamma’s 3 best-selling nets:

With the addition of the vinyl headband nets, Gamma now has the widest selection of nets available in the U.S. The complete Gamma Net product line:

Available: August, 2007