Prince Unveils New O3 Speedport Tour and Black Racquets

June 11, 2007

Bordentown, NJ — O3 Speedport is back… in Black…and in Tour. And competitive players are clamoring to get their hands on them. Prince, tennis’ leader in racquet innovation, is proud to officially announce the introduction of two new O3 Speedport frames designed specifically to meet the needs and demands of advanced players. The introduction of Speedport Black and Tour signifies the next generation of O3 Speedport technology and raises the bar for performance tennis racquets by offering completely unique and revolutionary personal customization options – another Prince innovation.

In only two short years, the visible O3 technology, which transformed pin-sized string holes into giant O-ports, has revolutionized tennis. Named “Hottest Racquet Technology” by Tennis Magazine, O3 has given close to 100 ATP and WTA touring pros unmatched racquet speed, a larger sweet spot and increased racquet stability – sparking conversation and huge buzz among top players and true tennis enthusiasts around the world.

Now, with the introduction of O3 Speedport Black and Tour, not only is Prince incorporating O3 technology into two, thin beam, smaller head size, player weighted frames, but is also providing elite players the opportunity to personally customize their racquets through the patented new Speedport Tuning System (STS™).

Inspired by touring pros and found only in Speedport Black and Tour, STS gives players the ability to fine tune their racquet by utilizing interchangeable string inserts for the exact feel and sound they prefer. Whether a crisp feel with increased string feedback, or a softer feel with improved string vibration damping, STS allows a player to tailor the frame to their game – while still receiving the benefits of O3 Speedport technology.

“O3 Speedport Black and Tour mark a significant step forward in performance tuned equipment,” said George Napier, CEO of Prince Sports, Inc. “ Frequent players tend to be serious about their game and can feel subtle differences in racquet performance. While many of them play differently, they share a common desire to elevate their game and win more matches. Our goal is to engineer racquets that help them do that. O3 Speedport Black and Tour offer advanced tuning flexibility, allowing players to match the sound and feel of a racquet to their playing style and preference.”


Every new O3 Speedport Black and Tour will come complete with two sets of inserts to be placed at 12, 3 and 9 o’clock. These inserts will offer the consumer options for tuning a racquet to their own preferences:

The two insert sets offered are:

String Port Inserts (pre-installed) – The String Port inserts will provide a softer hitting feel, more string damping and a sweet spot up to 59% larger than a traditional racquet while capitalizing on a racquet that moves up to 24% faster through the air.

String Hole Inserts – The String Hole inserts have traditional pin-sized string holes incorporated into the Speedport opening. These inserts provide a firmer hitting feel, more string feedback and a more traditional sweet spot while still capitalizing on the aerodynamic benefits O3 Speedport provides.

“The bottom line is that competitive tennis players, whether touring pro, collegiate or junior, are extremely particular about what they like – and that can vary from player to player,” said Doug Fonte, President Prince Americas. “The new Black and Tour racquets provide customization options never before offered – two solid player frames capable of being strung different ways depending on personal preference.”


In addition to choices presented by the STS, players also have a choice when it comes to the frames themselves. Both Speedport Black and Speedport Tour were designed in close collaboration with top touring pros.

Here is a breakdown the two frames:

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