Boris Becker: A Powerful Experience

July 24, 2007

His name stands for top performance and the desire to win, for style and strength, for power and class — and now also for his exclusive new sports brand. With a complete range of innovative tennis racquets and an apparel collection that is both stylish and functional, Boris Becker is setting new standards in the world of tennis. Like no one else the three-time Wimbledon Champion combines athletic excellence with personality, achievement with passion and experience with emotion, all of which are reflected in the range of products.

Serveman: A Strong First Serve

Knees bend, the left hand tossing the ball, the right arm on the backswing — an image, a motion as unforgettable as his victories in Wimbledon. Boris Becker was among the best servers in the world, and to this day the serve has remained his trademark — dynamic and effective, a weapon to help him in critical moments.

With the “Serveman” as the powerful logo, the former number one has found the perfect icon for his eponymous brand. Because scoring with power is Boris Becker’s motto. “Serveman — established 1985” is a symbol for top performance, an emblem of success, a seal for the future and a reminiscence of the year Boris Becker became a tennis legend.

Professional equipment for the perfect game

With the know-how and competence of 15 years on the pro tour, tennis is the focus of the Boris Becker Tennis brand. A casual yet stylish look distinguishes the tennis outfits of the Retro Court, Team and the Serve Chilled collection.

The two new high-tech tennis racquets, Becker 11 and Becker V1, have been co-designed and tested by Boris Becker and combine his expertise with top quality and state-of-the-art technology.

The professional model, the Becker 11, is the tennis star’s personal racquet of choice. Its innovative DNX material, developed in cooperation with the renowned Fraunhofer Technology Development Group, ensures maximum stability, precision and power — the ultimate weapon on any court. The Becker 11 is available in two weigh classes, a heavy 325g.

The Becker V 1 was developed to offer a maximum in comfort: The use of DNX combined with the new SENSOR PLUS Vibration Dampening Systems in the shaft and in the handle make this racquet an ideal combination of control, power and comfort.

BB: one idol — two initials

Benjamin Becker — the perfect testimonial for the Boris Becker Tennis Brand


BB — that is Boris Becker, the tennis legend whose name persuasively stands for his new premium brand, for top quality, innovative technology and trendy design.

BB — that is also Benjamin Becker, the German Davis-Cup player and shooting star of the international tennis scene, who within the last 18 months managed to climb the ranking from number 1,000 to number 42, and whose win over Andr√© Agassi at the US-Open 2006 marked the end of the American’s career. Now he stands for and behind the brand of his idol.