Bryan Brothers Already Seeing Benefits From New O3 Speedport Black

July 24, 2007

Bordentown, NJ — At this week’s Countrywide Classic in Los Angeles, fans saw the world’s #1 doubles team pull from their new Prince racquet bags the recently unveiled O3 Speedport Black. With new racquets in hand, the Brothers went on to win the tournament without dropping a set throughout the entire week.

After 25 years with their previous racquet company, the 29-year-old American twins decided it was time to make a change. Looking for a racquet that would bring their game to the next level, Mike and Bob Bryan decided, almost immediately after playtesting it, that the O3 Speedport Black was the stick to help them do just that.

“Once you have a few wins, you think, OK, that’s my stick forever,” said Mike Bryan. “But we knew we could get better, raise our game, and we needed a racquet that would help us do that. The difference is incredible. I have increased my serve speed by about 5 miles per hour and have already blown by a few people — I’m starting to serve more like Bob with this stick.”

The O3 Speedport Black is one of two new frames from Prince, along with the O3 Speedport Tour, that lets players not only take advantage of the game-changing O3 technology, but also personally customize their stick with the Speedport Tuning System. Mike and Bob have decided to fine tune their O3 Speedport Black frames using the String Hole inserts – one of the two separate string insert options (the other being String Port inserts) that comes complete with the new frames.

“Without question, O3 technology is turning a lot of heads on tour,” said Bob Bryan. “The aerodynamic benefits allow us to add some weight to the frame while still generating the racquet head speed we need. The result is a feel that is just awesome. We just hope not everybody finds out about it too quickly!”