Prince Targets Additional Growth with Launch of Aerotech Apparel

July 18, 2007

Bordentown, NJ — After speaking with, and listening to tennis players around the world about what they look for in performance apparel, Prince, the industry leader in product innovation, is unveiling its new apparel line featuring Aerotech, an advanced fabric and construction system designed and engineered to help players look and perform their best on court.

With the introduction of Aerotech, Prince re-establishes a commitment to the apparel business with an inspired focus on fabric, fit and technology. The new apparel, like the products in all of Prince’s other product categories, will deliver innovative technology and cutting-edge design.

“We are dedicated to providing players with ground-breaking performance products across the board”, said George Napier, CEO of Prince Sports. “All of our products are engineered to provide a better playing experience. We did it with the introduction of O3 technology in Racquets, with Precision Tube Technology™ in M Series Footwear, and with multi-filament Synthetic Gut String. We are now doing it with Aerotech in Apparel.”

The Aerotech system combines three distinct high performance benefits called Aerofit, Aeroshield and Aerovent. Along with the latest design concepts these fabrics and benefits are included in three distinct apparel collections, Gold, Silver and Black Label.

The Aerotech System

Players can also look for pieces with AeroExtreme, all three performance benefits in one garment.

The Collections

Players will be able to find Prince’s Aerotech apparel in great tennis specialty shops worldwide, beginning in spring 2008.