USPTA Provides Members With New Benefit on Personal Web Sites

July 26, 2007

July 26, 2007 —The United States Professional Tennis Association continues to utilize technology to assist its members and as such has truly revitalized one of the best benefits created for members in the personal Web sites. Members will now find the latest benefit, a free 18 month subscription to on their personal Web site., founded by USPTA member John Yandell, offers extensive online information and visual resources, which are now available to USPTA members at no cost. The site has hundreds of instructional articles illustrated with digital photography and state-of-the-art video. Those such as Robert Lansdorp, Rick Macci, Nick Bollettieri, Jack Groppel, Jim Loehr, Pat Etcheberry and Allen Fox share their coaching expertise.

The stroke archives, which contains more than 20,000 stroke clips allows you to examine the complete technical game of over 60 great players, such as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Justine Henin, frame-by-frame, in digital video. The interactive forum allows you to discuss these various resources, ask questions and interface directly with John Yandell.

The site also provides coaches and tennis-teaching professionals with the digital resources for state-of-the-art video analysis. Every clip in the stroke archives can be downloaded and is compatible with Dartfish and other software programs for side-by-side analysis. These clips are available for use on members own USPTA personal Web sites. There is also a great deal of insight from fellow USPTA pros.

Each USPTA personal Web site has a home page that can be personalized as the USPTA teaching professional sees fit. Not only that, but each personal Web site has a biography and facility page, so visitors can learn more about the teaching professional and where he or she teaches. It does not stop there, members have pages for events, lesson programs, news and tennis tips. There is also a page that lets members upload up to 15 images and a company logo that can be placed on any page on the Web site. USPTA members now have all the tools they need to create a personalized, professional, quality personal Web site that if utilized and updated frequently can be a great asset in terms of promoting the teaching professional, recruiting potential students and enhancing business opportunities. As mentioned, the USPTA plans to release many benefits that are personal to members such as for 18 months at no cost. This is just the first of many benefits to be released here.