DecoTurf Celebrates 30 Years at the US Open

August 27, 2007

Andover, MA — The 2007 US Open marks the 30th consecutive year that the world-renowned Grand Slam has selected DecoTurf as the playing surface.

The US Open was originally played on grass until Forest Hills switched to clay courts in 1975. In 1978, the event moved to its current home at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, where the surface changed again to its current full cushioned Pro DecoTurf courts.

DecoTurf is selected year after year at the US Open, the highest annually attended sporting event in the world, because the DecoTurf tennis court surface is well suited to many different players and styles. stated that “..the U.S. Open puts competitors on equal footing. Literally. The tournament’s DecoTurf II playing surface caters to heavy hitters and speedy scramblers alike.”

USA Today in it’s article titled “Favorite Surface” said, “It suits a lot of players. It yields truer bounces that don’t sit up too high or stay too low. It’s just a fair surface.”

The New York Times commented, “The hardcourt of choice is the Pro DecoTurf system. This surface is selected for its consistency, ease of maintenance and durability. It also offers the ability to control the courts’ footing and ball speed.”

And Tennis Magazine said, ‘the DecoTurf II courts have come to be seen as the fairest, if not the most appealing surface on which to crown a champion.”

”DecoTurf is proud and honored to be celebrating 30 years at the US Open,” says John Graham Managing Director of DecoTurf. “We are very pleased with the partnership we have forged with the USTA over the years, especially during the last two years with the introduction of the new court colors, US Open Blue™ and US Open Green™.”