Babolat Expands Oversize Offering

October 2, 2007

Boulder, CO — Babolat, the leading French manufacturer of tennis racquets, announces the launch of three new oversize racquets designed specifically to meet the needs of club players.

The new Babolat Drive Z 110, Aero 112 and Drive Z 118 (numbers correspond to racquet head size in square inches) are the newest additions in the oversize category for Babolat. Olivier Bailliard, President and CEO of Babolat USA commented, “Babolat has always been committed to providing equipment for players of all levels. These racquets in particular are designed to help improve a club player’s game through increased maneuverability, power and – with the addition of Cortex technology – comfort.” Linda Ryan, Babolat Senior Player Manager, adds: “We’ve received very positive feedback from players who have tried these new racquets and are making the switch. They love the expanded sweet spot as well as the comfort of the Smart Grip ergonomic handle.”


The Cortex System is the first technology customized to filter different vibrations. This exclusive Babolat material has the ability to filter and dampen. The handle and the frame of the racquet are linked by one interface in the C.D.S. (Cortex Dampening System), which allows the filter to absorb the unnecessary vibrations for a purer feel.

The innovative Smart Grip ergonomic grip optimizes contact between the grip and the hand.


The Babolat Drive Z 110 and Babolat Drive Z 118 tennis racquets are designed for club players looking for power and maneuverability. These new oversize racquets are lightweight, yet powerful. The unique Elliptic Geometry guarantees the best torsion resistance: +20% stiffer compared to a traditional beam. The Babolat Aero 112 is will appeal to club players looking for a faster swing, more topspin and a greater balance of power with control. The latest in the Aero range, the Aero 112 has the same modular frame concept with varying beam profiles at three strategic locations creating maximum penetration of the racquet through the air and increase the hitting power – perfect control for directional hitting.

Babolat Drive Z 110 Product Specifications:

Drive Z 118 Product Specifications:

Aero 112 Product Specifications: