Dunlop and Fluor Team Up to Grow Tennis in the Upstate

October 2, 2007

GREENVILLE, SC — Dunlop Sports Group Americas is pleased to participate in Fluor Corporation’s development of an internal Tennis Wellness Program at its Greenville campus. As a corporate sponsor, Dunlop will be contributing a variety of products and other materials to the effort.

With two newly resurfaced tennis courts on its campus and over 2500 employees, Fluor hopes to develop a complete tennis program that will eventually compete with other local corporations. The United States Tennis Association (USTA), has also granted money to fund the program.

Dunlop — a legendary international corporation known for its leading edge sporting products — has its American headquarters and distribution center located near the heart of downtown Greenville. It welcomes such an opportunity as Fluor’s tennis program to engage its neighbors and community.

“We’re pleased to be a part of this great initiative,” said Steve Hall, Dunlop’s Director of Marketing for Racquet Sports. “We hope to see many more local companies in the Greenville and Upstate area follow Fluor’s lead and develop similar programs.”