RECOIL: The Future of String is Here

November 20, 2007

Bordentown, NJ — Imagine being able to strike every ball, on every point, of every match with the exact same, perfect string alignment, time, after time. Proper string alignment is something all serious players want and the reason they fix their strings after each point. Now, after three years of careful laboratory development and extensive playtesting, Prince, in partnership with W.L Gore and Associates (creators of GoreTex®) is proud to officially unveil RECOIL®, a premier string that delivers precise string realignment after every shot, ultimate control, superior playability and long-lasting performance.

With the introduction of RECOIL, Prince redefines a product category the way it did with the introduction of O3 technology in racquets, Precision Tube Technology in footwear and Aerotech Performance Technology in apparel.

“Without question, Recoil is one of the most impressive and important string advancements in recent years and poised to generate an immediate following on Tour and among frequent, serious players at all levels,” said Craig Brotman, owner of Pro Circuit Stringing and personal customization consultant for many top touring pros. “It takes the premium string category to an entirely new level, providing a host of never-before-seen benefits to players. Not only does it deliver precise string realignment after each shot, but it is one of the most comfortable, playable and durable strings available.”

The Science Behind RECOIL

RECOIL utilizes a revolutionary coating called Gore MicroWeb Technology, a material made from a proprietary formulation of expanded polyTetraflourothylene (ePTFE). This coating provides an ultra-low friction surface, creating a combination of benefits never before achieved in string playability and design, including precise string realignment and drastically reduced string notching for increased durability. In addition, RECOIL’s advanced thermoplastic core and multi-layered construction with new high tenacity filaments provide the extra comfort and better feel players want from their string.

“The launch of Recoil is a testament to a dedicated team focused on creating, refining, and perfecting products that will take players to the next level,” said Doug Fonte, President of Prince Americas. “As with O3 technology in racquets, Precision Tube Technology in footwear and Aerotech in apparel, Recoil is poised to redefine a category and make an immediate impact on the sport.”

Prince has long been the industry leader in the string category. Not only did the company invent synthetic gut but Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex is currently tennis’ #1 best selling string, a position it has held for 23 straight quarters. RECOIL has already been playtested by a number of ATP and WTA and junior players and will be available to consumers worldwide beginning January 2008.

Players can find additional information, videos and facts regarding RECOIL on beginning January 2, 2008.