Luxilon Launches New Alu Power Spin Tennis String

December 21, 2007

Chicago –- Luxilon announced today the launch of the new ALU Power Spin tennis string. ALU Power 127 Spin, is Luxilon’s newest addition to the already popular ALU Power family. ALU Power Spin is a pentagon shaped version of ALU Power 125, the most used string on the pro tour. The new string promises a tremendous amount of “bite” which will help to add spin for players of all levels. ALU Power 127 Spin is made with the same poly-ether-ether material which is found in all Big Banger strings. The new string is an excellent choice to be used either as a full set, or in a hybrid.

With the introduction of ALU Power 127 Spin, the ALU Power family is now made up of 4 distinctly different versions of string to give players exactly what they need. ALU Power 125, the original ALU Power string, is the #1 string used on the pro tour. It is created for players who want a superior combination of power and control. ALU Power 125 Rough is for players who want all of the qualities of ALU Power 125, with a textured surface. ALU Power 123 Fluoro is a re-engineered version of ALU Power, with fluoro carbon added for enhanced comfort and control.

The entire ALU Power family has now grown to be the most used string on tour. It is used by over 60% of players on the ATP Tour, and 35% of players on the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour.

Luxilon Industries, based in Antwerp, Belgium, produces the world’s finest monofilament tennis strings. Luxilon is committed to continuous research and development and strict quality control which ensures the most technologically advanced strings available. Luxilon’s tennis strings are the most used strings on the WTA and ATP Tours. For more information, visit