Top Players Switch to New Wilson [K]Factor Rackets

January 16, 2008

Chicago — Wilson [K]Factor rackets continue to be the top choice on Tour with world’s #1 Justine Henin along with Novak Djokovic, Serena & Venus Williams, Paul Henri-Mathieu, Feliciano Lopez, Lindsay Davenport, and many other Top 100 players switching over to new [K]Factor rackets for 2008. Roger Federer made the switch at last year’s Australian Open to his new [K]Six.One Tour racket and went on to win 3 grand slam singles titles in 2007.

Wilson players overall dominated 2007, winning 7 of the 8 Grand Slam singles titles, with an amazing 5 of these Grand Slams singles titles being won with new [K]Factor rackets last year. “We’ve had such a strong 2007 with our players and with [K]Factor, its exciting to see so many more top players switching over to new [K]Factor models for 2008”, said Jon Muir, global General Manager of Wilson Racquet Sports. “What’s even more impressive is the wide choice of new [K]Factor models that are now played on tour. We had Roger and the [K]Six.One family of frames so strong with players everywhere in 2007 and showing incredibly strong momentum going into 2008, but now we are adding the [K]Blade family, the [K]Pro family, and the [K]Tour models on tour and all the players are excited about their upgrade to [K]Factor” added Jon Muir.

Another unique element of the players switching specifically to the new [K]Blade racket family, is Wilson’s launch of a new tour bag that all [K]Blade players will also use who are playing the [K]Blade rackets. Novak Djokovic tops the list of players who have made the switch to the new [K]Blade Tour model and the new [K]Pro Tour special black & gold bag. Other players that will turn heads with the new black & gold bags include Serena & Venus Williams who have both switched to the new [K]Blade Team model. Paul Henri-Mathieu has made the switch to the new [K]Blade 98 model and is also enjoying his special new black & gold tour bag.

Justine Henin, who finished 2007 as the dominant #1 player on the women’s side is starting off 2008 with her new [K]Tour racket. Another player who is excited about the new [K]Tour is Lindsay Davenport. Lindsay who returned to the tour after becoming a first time mom, has already demonstrated her commitment on the court after winning multiple WTA events over the past few months as she makes the switch to her new [K]Tour for the Australian Open — her first Grand Slam event since taking the time off to start her family.

The wide acceptance and switch by tour professionals to [K]Factor for 2008 continues to position Wilson as the clear #1 brand for 2008. Wilson was the #1 brand amongst tour players in 2007 (according to the official 2007 Wimbledon survey) and continues to be the #1 racket brand purchased by consumers worldwide.