Imperial Headwear Renews License with MHS Licensing and ‘The Girls’

February 4, 2008

(Aurora, CO) — Imperial Headwear (“Imperial”) is proud to announce the renewal of its license with “The Girls™”.

“The Girls™”, celebrating favorite pastimes of women everywhere, feature a series of stylized characters depicting the leisure passions and hobbies of women. The brainchild of artist Melissa Gitelman, the characters identify women by the things they do for fun, not by profession. Golf Girl, Tennis Girl and Wine Girl are just a few of the many characters represented in the collection.

“The Girls™” has been a refreshing collection adding whimsy and fun to our product line,” said Rick White, President and Chief Executive Officer of Imperial. “We are proud to be affiliated with Melissa Gitelman, “The Girls™”, and MHS Licensing, the official agent for the property. “The Girls™” Imperial collection has been a durable favorite of our clients for several years.”

“The Girls™” continues to be an iconic symbol of self-expression. We find that women identify themselves through their passions, even if their particular hobby is a niche market – they like being able to announce what they love to do,” said Melissa Gitelman, creator of “The Girls™”. “Imperial Headwear has been a great partner for “The Girls™”. Imperial’s quality product is a great vehicle for “The Girls™” and we are excited by their continued support of the brand.”

“We’re delighted to facilitate this alliance. “The Girls™” is a strong brand that resonates with women everywhere, and Imperial is known for the excellent quality of all its products. These two entities complement each other very well.” said John Haesler of Minneapolis-based MHS Licensing.