Gamma Sports Introduces New Asterisk Tour String

March 3, 2008

Pittsburgh, PA — Gamma Sports, the leading innovator of string technology, today announced the introduction of Asterisk Tour, a brand new high performance string unlike any other synthetic string on the market today.

With the addition of polyester microfilaments, Asterisk Tour builds upon the successful design of Asterisk and Asterisk Spin creating a crisp, powerful string that offers precise control. These stiffer Polyester fibers complement the ultra-playable Asterisk core perfectly, replicating the feel and characteristics of a hybrid in a single string.

The innovative design of the new Asterisk Tour begins with the high energy Asterisk core, which consists of six filaments arranged in the shape of an asterisk. Polyester (PET) microfilaments are then added into the outer wraps surrounding the center core to provide a crisper feel to the string bed. In conjunction with the outer wrap’s pearl coating, the polyester fibers also increase durability without sacrificing comfort or control.

“Asterisk Tour perfectly combines polyester material with multifilament design to create a superb string,” said Chuck Vietmeier, Gamma String Product Manager. “Its unique design will give players of all levels the benefits of a multifilament without surrendering control.”