Gamma Sports Unveils New Zo Tour String

April 1, 2008

Pittsburgh, PA – April 1, 2008 — Gamma Sports is proud to unveil the next generation of Polyester string technology with the introduction of the new Zo Tour string. The innovative design of Zo Tour creates maximum control for players looking for a crisp and ultra-durable Polyester string.

Most Polyester strings are made up of a single Polyester core. The unique construction of Zo Tour, as well as its eye-catching orange color, set it apart from all other Polyester strings. Zo Tour contains six polyester monofilaments surrounded by the Zo High Energy Polyester Core. These six high-tenacity fibers help to maintain tension and provide a ‘crisper’ feel, a characteristic not found in most Polyester strings.

“String technology is always changing and Gamma Sports has always been at the forefront of that evolution,” said Gamma String Product Manager, Chuck Vietmeier. “The combination of comfort and control found in Zo Tour is the perfect example of Gamma Sports’ continued commitment to inovation and quality.”

Individual 40’ sets and 660’ reels of Zo Tour are availablle in 16 gauge and 17 gauge.