More Touring Pros Choosing to Don Prince Duds on Court

April 2, 2008

Bordentown, NJ — Performance. Fit. Quality. Fashion. Buzz words for some, but for Prince these are benchmarks. At the end of the day, these really are the factors that matter most to frequent, knowledgeable tennis players and what differentiates tennis clothes from performance tennis apparel. That is why, after only a few months since its introduction, Prince’s new Aerotech line of performance apparel is quickly becoming the on court choice among the most discerning tennis players in the world — touring pros — many of whom had worn other brands previously but are now making the switch.

Prince unveiled a “sneak peak” of its premiere Aerotech line at a private event for tennis insiders, retailers and players in New York City last summer. Since then, demand among dealers and players, globally, has been remarkable. The spring 2008 line not only marked the introduction of Aerotech, but also the Company’s renewed commitment to developing and delivering the most elite tennis apparel available — similar to what it has been doing in its other product categories. Now, Aerotech is available to players everywhere, hitting store shelves nationwide. Simultaneously, many are noticing more at the ATP and WTA level wearing Prince apparel — something that had been less frequent until now.

At the start of this week’s Sony Ericsson Open in Miami, Florida there were nearly thirty players on tour choosing to wear Prince apparel including Vania King, Vince Spadea and Albert Montanes.

“The fact that 27 world class athletes have decided to wear our new performance apparel on tour is a great start” said George Napier, CEO and Chairman of Prince Sports, Inc. “Developing Aerotech apparel has been an intensive initiative and the response we’re getting from athletes and consumers is rewarding. Tennis players are continuously faced with choices — whether it is racquets, footwear, string or apparel. And when they choose to use our products it reinforces the belief we have at Prince that our stuff is technically advanced and delivers a performance benefit. It also fuels our passion and commitment to continue raising the bar.”

The Aerotech Spring 2008 line is available three collections:

Each collections feature combinations of the three distinct high performance benefits that make up the Aerotech system. These three benefits are:

Players can also look for pieces with AeroExtreme, all three performance benefits in one garment.

As touring pros head to Europe for the start of the clay court season, Prince expects to see additional players on both the ATP and WTA in its Aerotech apparel in coming weeks. The company will look to build upon this initial momentum when it unveils its fall/winter 2008 line later this year.

To see the spring 2008 Aerotech line, visit: