Prince Extends Popular O3 Speedport Black Racquet Line

June 30, 2008

Bordentown, NJ —The O3 Speedport Black has become one of the best-selling, hottest tennis racquets in the world. An extremely versatile frame, “The Black” is being used by players of all levels — from two #1 ranked ATP touring pros to frequent recreational and league players. It has achieved its popularity and received numerous accolades due to its balanced blend of feel and power. As a result, an even greater number of players around the world have made the conversion to the most impactful and visible racquet technology in tennis — O3 (large ports built into the frame of the racquet).


Now, building off the success of the original O3 Speedport Black model, Prince is introducing two new versions of the popular racquet to bring the frame to more player types. Beginning July 1, players will have three options in the extended O3 Speedport Black family — the O3 Speedport Black, O3 Speedport Black Team and O3 Speedport Black Longbody.

O3 Speedport Black Team: The Team version is a slightly lighter, even more maneuverable frame than its original counterpart. The Team is a perfect transitional racquet for a player – perhaps a younger competitive junior player – who likes the feel of the O3 Speedport Black, but would benefit from a slightly lighter frame. In addition, for players who want a smaller grip size, the O3 Speedport Black Team is available in a grip size zero (0).

O3 Speedport Black Longbody: The O3 Speedport Black Longbody is designed for more advanced players who want a longer frame to generate even faster racquet head speed – leading to more power and more spin – as well as extended reach and court coverage.

“This offering brings a winning racquet to a wider array of players,” said Tyler Herring, Product Manager for Performance Racquets at Prince. “The new Team and Longbody versions are built for the large community of players who prefer a racquet in these particular specs but want to play with the O3 Speedport Black and might not have picked up the racquet otherwise.”

In coming days, players will be able to go to: and Prince’s online customization tool to test out various cosmetic combinations and arrive at their perfect Speedport Black. They can then print it out, forward to a friend, and bring their creation to a retailer in order to make it a reality.