The Xtensor –Xtending the Life of Your Hands

June 17, 2008

NEW YORK, N.Y., December 2007 –- Nothing like The Xtensor has ever existed before. It is a handheld sports re-conditioning tool used to strengthen the extensor muscles in your hands, wrists, and elbows making your HANDS an even stronger unit for your everyday use. This medical breakthrough will treat patients with ailments in the upper extremities such as tennis elbow, repetitive motion issues in the wrist, arthritis, tendonitis, and the many other tennis related ailments. The hands are the most overused body part and most overlook body part when it comes to working out and strength training. The Xtensor will build stronger hands, wrists and elbows, which will help you with every aspect of your life, whether it’s strengthening your hands for playing tennis, typing, lifting weights, or anything related to gripping and squeezing.

“The personal accomplishment and satisfaction I receive from creating The Xtensor and being able to potentially help millions of people has made me realize that committing my life to making a positive difference was the best decision I ever made,” states Scott Kupferman, CEO of Clinically Fit Inc. the home of The Xtensor.

The Xtensor is the most effective rehabilitation tool for repetitive stress injuries of the upper extremity and a core training tool for the hands, wrists and elbows, which is arguably the most important part of swinging a tennis racquet. It is quickly becoming the go to product for athletes undergoing rehab for tennis related issues like tennis elbow. The pain caused by tennis elbow is actually collagen that leaks out from around the injured areas and causes inflammation. When using other forms of treatment like cortisone shots, after the initial injury heals, the site of the problem often experiences micro tears because the symptoms, not the cause of the injury, was treated. The Xtensor is ideally suited for anyone who depends on their hands for their livelihood –whether career or sports related. As a tennis player, this exercise will strengthen your forearm and wrist, eliminating the pain from tennis elbow, while also fighting the fatigue you typically get in your arm during a long match.

The Xtensor is available for $39.95 online at and through the call center, toll free 866-Xtensor (983-6767).