‘Control Freek’ Air Conditioned Tennis Racquets

July 23, 2008

Toronto — Our perfect, high performance, patented “CONTROL FREEK” racquets are the new, revolutionary tennis dominator on the market. They keep your hands sweat free and in 100% continuous contact with your racquet handle at all times. Because of your full contact to the handle, no uncertainty or slippage is possible. Our award winning features have been designed into comfortable, very comfortable, control/power racquets. These unique enhancements create an air conditioner for your hand.

Air conditioner? Well, yes. This radical new technology will air condition your palm as you play tennis. It is the supreme development in racquet design, no sweaty grips. All to help you control the racquet, keep your cool, AND dominate your opponents. You are the winner.

Our “CONTROL FREEK” tennis racquets will continuously circulate cooling air to your palm every time your racquet is in motion, creating a solid mechanical grasp of the handle and solving one of the most persistent player problems of grip control and palm sweat. Heat and sweat are a real nuisance to all players and have been connected to poor grip control, tendonitis, inflammation, and other tennis injuries. This perfect blend of 100% control, power and comfort are now yours in our responsive “CONTROL FREEK” racquets, helping to solve those former difficulties. A further bonus is our comfortable, permanent, no wear grips.

Our radical unique dominator is designed with two large air scoops above the racquet handle which grab moving air continuously, forcing the captured air inside your handle where the air is blasted into your palm through actual holes in the handle removing built up heat and sweat during hot matches [as you blast your opponents off the court]. Exceptional racquet control is yours since some of the palm’s surface goes into the ventilation hole depressions holding your palm 100% in place, wherever, however you want grasp the handle. You’ll achieve supreme control of the racquet AND the court. See

Your grip hand is cooler; heat is dissipated; no vibration. This is the ultimate control/power racquet. Our proprietary system gives a tremendous increase in gripping/control ability even with several hours of play, simply, with no racquet slip. Here, 100% control rules, along with enhanced, guaranteed comfort, all built into this magnificent high-end dominator weapon.

“CONTROL FREEK” is the Gold Standard of High Performance Racquets, having the ideal combination of Control, Power and Comfort, beautifully balanced to be your personal court weapon. A tremendous leap in raccquet technology, after all, how many players can bring their own control/air conditioning system to the courts. Many more wins for you.