Demoworks Helps Dealers Turn Racquet Demos Into Sales

July 10, 2008

Baltimore, Md. — DemoWorks™ is a new web-based solution that helps tennis dealers save time and make more money by better managing their racquet lending service. It’s the latest product launch in Sports InterActive’s TennisWorks line of software that streamlines business processes and enables better customer service.

“The DemoWorks application is significant because pro shops and tennis facilities encourage players to ‘try before you buy,’ but most keep track of racquet demos the old-fashioned way—by the honor system or by writing down who is borrowing what. That system is tough to manage and it doesn’t help maximize sales,” says Herb Sweren, owner and president of Sports InterActive. “That’s why DemoWorks was developed; it’s really easy to use, and it simplifies and organizes the lending process so managers can better service players and sell more racquets with less effort.”

DemoWorks is the first product of its kind that offers these features with just a few clicks:

“Year in and year out dealers rank demo programs as the No. 1 sales promotion strategy to grow their business,” according to Keith Storey of Sports Marketing Surveys, the largest specialist research firm in the sporting goods business. And, Sweren notes, approximately 80 percent of racquet sales originate with a demo.

DemoWorks is available in TennisWorks’ RetailWorks Suite and ClubWorks Suite.

TennisWorks is comprised of a variety of web-based solutions, including:



Sports InterActive provides tennis facility managers and authorized dealers software solutions that increase revenue and enhance customer service. The company was founded by owner and President Herb Sweren, a former executive with Prince Sports. Sports InterActive is a division of Fromuth Tennis, the leading distributor of gear, apparel and accessories.