Babolat’s New XS Racquets Hit the (Sweet) Spot

August 27, 2008

Boulder, Colorado — Babolat, a leading manufacturer of tennis products, announces the introduction of a new range of high performance tennis racquets-the XS line-featuring Babolat’s new Xtra Sweetspot technology.

To meet the needs of intermediate players, Babolat engineered the new XS line of lightweight and maneuverable racquets for optimal playability. The Babolat XS 102 and Babolat XS 105 are enhanced with Babolat’s Xtra Sweetspot technology featuring an exclusive grommet design that significantly increases the sweet spot while providing a dampening affect and a longer contact time between the ball and string.


Babolat Xtra Sweetspot Technology

Babolat’s exclusive Xtra Sweetspot technology employs a high-tech Pebax® material known for its lightweight, flexible, and resilient properties. The Pebax® grommets are positioned on each side of the XS racquet head to substantially enlarge the sweet spot. This combination provides for greater tolerance and power.

Folco Canonico, Babolat Senior Product Manager – Racquets explained the benefits saying, “Babolat’s new grommet design gives you a visible advantage over other mid-plus racquets because you get the benefit of a larger sweet spot without having to enlarge the racquet head. So if you’re a strong junior player or skilled intermediate, you can have the extra power with greater maneuverability and control without having to go to an oversize. You’ll produce more forgiving shots with increased power.”

Babolat XS 102 Racquet specifications

Accessibility and tolerance for intermediate and strong recreational players; lightweight, high-performance racquet

Babolat XS 105 Racquet specifications

Tolerance and all-around performance for intermediate,recreational players and juniors; versatile, powerful racquet

Founded in Lyon, France, in 1875, Babolat is the first company to have specialized in racquet sports and the world leader in the production of natural gut strings. Easily recognized by its trademark “double-line” (two stripes on the racquet frame and black on the stringing bed), Babolat is still family-owned. Today, with U.S. operations in Boulder, Colorado, the company also manufactures synthetic strings, shoes, and a full range of accessories as well as a best-selling line of racquets used by some of the most renowned names in tennis. To find out where Babolat products are sold, log on to or call (877) 316-9435.