Wilson Official Stringer of the 2008 US Open Using Innovative New Stringing Machine

August 20, 2008

CHICAGO — For the 3rd consecutive year, Wilson has been the official stringer of the US Open, one of the four Grand Slam tournaments of the year. The Wilson stringing team will string nearly 3,000 racquets in the three weeks of the tournament for all players entered in the event including the stars from the main draw, doubles, mixed doubles, juniors, wheelchair, and senior draws. As well as providing quality product and racquet expertise the world’s best tennis players, Wilson learns from the players and gains insight to develop products the athlete truly requires.

The Wilson stringing team is excited to be back at the 2008 US Open to string the racquets of the best players in the world as they strive to become the US Open champion. This year’s stringing team consists of 12 world class stringers from 6 different countries. They will work, on average, 15 hours a day and complete nearly 20-30 racquets per day.

“Wilson is very excited to be the official racquet stringer to the 2008 US Open,” said Ron Rocchi, Principal Designer and Global Tour Equipment Manager for Innovations and Design Group of Racquet Sports. “Our international stringing team brings a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge to this critical service, and our commitment to touring professionals around the world is reflected in every one of the 3,000 racquets that will be strung during the championships. Our goal is to provide the very best service in all areas not only for the tournament, but also to the players.”

Wilson also using new stringing machine at this year’s US Open. Wilson announced today that a prototype of an advanced new stringing machine is being used at the 2008 US Open. The new machine has several revolutionary features. The stringers are discovering they provides greater comfort and efficiency. There will be 14 of the new machines used to string over 3,000 rackets during the US Open. The new machine will be available for purchase in early 2009.

Wilson will be providing demonstrations of the stringing machine to dealers with limited availability. If you are interested in attending a session on Saturday, August 23rd, please contact: Laura Nickel, Communications Manager, Racquet Sports — [email protected]

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