HEAD Introduces 3 New CrossBow Racquets

October 6, 2008

PHOENIX, AZ — HEAD Penn Racquet Sports announced that they have added 3 new Power Loaded racquets to the successful CrossBow Racquet Line. With the introduction of the CrossBow 8, the CrossBow 4, and the CrossBow 2, the racquet line now provides a full range of power for players with different swing styles. The CrossBow 4 will hit stores in early November with the CrossBow 8 and 2 being shipped in February.

CrossBow Technology features the world’s first and only dynamic bridge racquet construction. Power loaded for players with shorter more compact swings, CrossBow Technology features a bridge suspended from the frame that moves independently, allowing the racquet to store energy in both the stringbed and the bridge. The two-piece design acts like a spring or bow that is loaded during ball impact and is released as the ball accelerates off the stringbed for maximum power. CrossBow also uses 10 main strings though the bridge, offering a larger sweetspot than is found on conventional fixed-bridge racquets.

“We’ve had tremendous success with the CrossBow 10 and CrossBow 6, and the Airflow line has been very popular for us as well,” said Roger Petersman, Senior Business Manager of Tennis Racquets for HEAD Penn Racquet Sports. “We are really excited to bring in the 3 new CrossBow Racquets which will now appeal to a full range of players with various swing styles.”

Along with the current CrossBow 10 and CrossBow 6, the Power Series will now include: