HEAD Penn Promotes the Game of Tennis to Children at a Local Non-Profit Event

October 27, 2008

Phoenix, AZ – October 27, 2008 — HEAD Penn Racquet Sports participated in Touchstone Behavioral Health’s 6th Annual Family Fun Day event, which supports children and families who have behavior issues at home and at school, and introduced the game of tennis to children of all ages. Members of the HEAD Penn team set up 4 mini tennis courts, which supports the USTA QuickStart program, by using 18’ mini tennis nets, Pro Penn T.I.P. 1 and T.I.P. 2 balls, court lines and 40 junior racquets, to allow children to play tennis for the first time.

“It was really amazing that we could touch the lives of children and introduce them to such a great sport,” said Tony Caesar, CIO and Director of Distribution for HEAD Penn Racquet Sports. “Many of them didn’t even know what tennis was, but once they picked up the racquet, they wanted to stay and play for most of the day and many hoped that they could play again in their local physical education classes. They were having a great time!”

HEAD Penn was able to give away 40 junior racquets, T.I.P. 1 and T.I.P 2 balls and a variety of other prizes to allow kids to take the game of tennis home with them.

“Most of the kids had never picked up a racquet,” said Allison Barnett, Communications Manager for HEAD Penn Racquet Sports. “By the end of the event, they could rally with each other and were getting very competitive. It is great to be able to provide the kids with the tools they need to continue to play tennis.”