USPTA and Elations Join Forces in Licensing Agreement

November 11, 2008

The United States Professional Tennis Association and Elations, a drink to maintain healthy joints, have entered into a licensing agreement incorporating the USPTA’s service mark, Tennis — for the health of it!SM Elations plans to promote Tennis — for the health of it! on its packaging and in some advertising for the next seven months.

Tennis — for the health of it!, the USPTA’s newest initiative, was launched earlier this year, and strives to bring tennis to everyone. The main goals of this initiative are to make the general public aware of the tremendous health, fitness and psychological benefits of tennis and encourage people to get out and play the sport as a part of their regular fitness regimen. This is a perfect fit for Elations, a glucosamine and chondroitin drink that addresses the needs of players over 40 and others who experience joint pain.

“Musculoskelatal issues have surpassed the common cold to become the No. 1 reason that Americans go to the doctor. We help players enjoy the game, pain free,” says Michelle St. John, Elations public relations director.

Elations is a fruit-flavored drink that is more absorbable than pills and designed to improve joint health and reduce joint discomfort.

An Elations a day keeps them ready to play! With Elations there are no more pills to swallow. Elations’ unique formula includes: glucosamine and chondroitin (naturally found in the body, but at decreasing levels over time), to maintain healthy and strong joint cartilage and a patented, more absorbable form of calcium and boron to help minimize soreness and stiffness due to exercise and overly strenuous daily activities. Elations is available in the supplement aisle at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS and grocery stores across the United States.

“We are excited about this endeavor with Elations,” said USPTA CEO Tim Heckler. “With the reach Elations has, particularly to baby boomers and seniors, and with that being one of the key markets we are trying to reach with Tennis — for the health of it!, it makes for a very beneficial relationship, especially from a cross-promotional standpoint.”