Grip Loose Finger Sleeve

December 1, 2008

November 27, 2008 — USPTA and PTR Master Professional Joe Dinoffer has announced the launch of a revolutionary training aid for tennis. Grip Loose finger sleeve is a quick and easy way to get players to relax their grip on the racket with a simple “beeping” sound every time the player grips too tight. Oncourt Offcourt is the exclusive distributor for the tennis industry worldwide.

The Grip Loose was designed and patented by veteran international tennis coach, Allen Webb. Grip Loose also works well for many other sports, including golf, baseball, and hockey. The interesting thing about relaxation is that a relaxed grip adds both power and control. Power is added when a faster swing is achieved and control is increased with both the ability to accelerate the racquet for more spin, plus achieve softer hands on delicate shots like dropshots and drop volleys. An added bonus in tennis is that it can actually help cure tennis elbow since over-squeezing in the grip is believed by many to be the cause of tennis elbow tendonitis.

The Grip Loose neoprene sleeve comes in two sizes and is packaged for retail sale. For information on purchasing at retail or wholesale, contact Oncourt Offcourt toll-free in the United States at 1-88-TENNIS-11 or visit