USPTA Announces 2009 Certification Exams

December 11, 2008

The United States Professional Tennis Association, the world’s leader in tennis-teaching certification, provides tennis-teaching professionals with the opportunity to earn the sport’s most respected certification by participating in one of more than 110 USPTA Certification Exams scheduled nationwide in 2009 (see attached schedule). Additional dates will be added.

USPTA’s Certification Exam includes an on-court evaluation of tennis strokes and playing skills, stroke and grip analysis, private and group lesson instruction, and other skills needed in the tennis-teaching profession. The exam also includes a two-hour written test covering teaching, playing and business management skills, rules, club activity programming and other topics. Applicants can now opt to take the written exam and the grip exam online after completing the on-court portions of the certification exam.

The exam process also offers a Certification Review Course that covers test topics. The CRC can be taken at Regional Testing Centers, which offer tests every other month on the same weekends, or it can be taken online. The course is also useful to current USPTA members who wish to review specific exam areas before upgrading their certification ratings. CRC topics include student psychology, developing student rapport, class organization, lesson progression and a review of teaching techniques.

“A tennis-teaching professional’s success in becoming certified through the USPTA demonstrates that the individual has the skills necessary to excel in the game, and business, of tennis,” said USPTA CEO Tim Heckler. “We know that tennis players and club owners and managers hold tennis-teaching professionals to the highest standard in regard to professionalism and knowledge and we expect our certification and education process to prepare them to live up to and surpass that standard.”

Contact USPTA at 800-877-8248 or e-mail [email protected] to register for an upcoming exam, or for further details. Advanced registration is required. The total fee for the exam and CRC application is $175, plus prorated USPTA membership dues.

2009 Certification Exam schedule

The Certification Review Course (CRC) is designed to prepare an applicant for the USPTA Certification Exam. All exams listed include the CRC, unless otherwise noted.

Regional Testing Centers (RTC) are facilities that hold USPTA certifications every other month on the same weekends. These exams will not be canceled.

Exam cancellations must be received no later than 14 days before the exam, or a cancellation fee will be charged accordingly. Applicants: late cancellation fee — $75; failure to cancel — application fee is forfeited. Certified members: late cancellation fee — $25; failure to cancel — $25 plus the upgrade fee is forfeited. Registration for another exam will not be accepted until these cancellation fees are paid.




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