HEAD Debuts New Corrugated Technology for Squash Line 2009

March 6, 2009

HEAD is adding some muscle to its 2009 squash line by introducing the Corrugated Technology™ designed to optimize power and improve performance.

HEAD’s Corrugated Technology™ is a revolutionary new shaft design that optimizes power, torsion, bending and handling on every stroke. Corrugated rails are incorporated into the shaft of the racquet creating up to 12% more stiffness than conventional design.

“The revolutionary technologies added to our squash line truly optimize power and deliver on performance. Today’s aggressive player will benefit from the added power without compromising touch or control,” said Robert Marte, Executive Vice President of HEAD’s Racquet Sports Division.

The new squash technologies will complement existing product attributes, in an effort to add additional power and improve overall player performance. The new HEAD Squash series will hit the shelves in February 2009.