HEAD Introduces New MicroGel Extreme Racquet Line

March 6, 2009

HEAD announced the launch of the new MicroGel Extreme Series featured by a revolutionary material called Teflon® friction reducing polymer. Teflon® friction reducing polymer has been integrated successfully in various branches and HEAD is the first brand to introduce it in the tennis racquet industry. The concept of reducing the friction between the racquet and the strings results in more power on the court.

The new MicroGel Extreme series will be available in January, fabricated with Teflon® friction reducing polymer mixed with Polyamide (PA = standard material for grommets), which is injected before the racquet’s molding process. The result is a racquet designed with a built-in lubricating effect that enables strings to glide fluidly through the grommets with nearly no friction, losing no energy during ball impact.

“The DuPont Teflon® friction reducing polymer is one of the premier innovations on the market today, and we’re extremely proud and excited to be teaming with this brand to improve tennis,” said Robert Marte, Executive Vice President of HEAD Racquetsports. “With its combination of MicroGel technology and Teflon®, the racquet series is one of the most advanced on the market today.”

The Teflon® friction reducing polymer also allows the racquet to maintain a constant and even contact surface over all the grommets, which creates a consistency in the string tension and offers a bigger sweetspot.

In addition to the Teflon® friction reducing polymer, the grommet strip extends around the frame as an inlay into the bumper, which is reinforced by high-resistance aramid fibers, which provide maximum protection against impact and abrasions from competitive court use.

In addition, HEAD introduced the new Tour Team bag line. The new bag lines are designed with extreme abrasion and dirt resistant material on the bottom; longer, padded shoulder straps; metal buckles; and a detachable, adjustable, convertible shoulder strap system. The new Tour Package is available now in pro/specialty and sporting goods stores.

*Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont and is used under license by HEAD Sport AG as of Jan. 1st, 2009