Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy Hires Brad Gilbert to be Guest Coach

March 11, 2009

BRADENTON — IMG Academies, a division of global sports and entertainment company, IMG, announced today that they have entered into a relationship with tennis coach Brad Gilbert to be a guest coach.

IMG Academies is the world’s largest, most successful multi-sport, training and education academy. Gilbert is adding to the ranks of the leadership that is led by famed tennis coach, Nick Bollettieri. Gilbert has worked with the likes of Andre Agassi, Andy Roddick, Andy Murray, and the British Lawn Tennis Association in his outstanding coaching career. He is also a former student of the NBTA, and as a player he reached a career high of #4 in the world.

“Brad brings a lifetime of tennis knowledge to the Academy and will make an incredible impact on all of our tennis students. His ability to coach is second-to-none, and when you combine that with his incredible energy, you have the complete package” said Nick Bollettieri.

Gilbert, who tends to work with the top pros, will work will all of the students at the NBTA, thus giving them a unique opportunity to learn from a man, like Nick, that has worked with many of the world’s best.

“I am really looking forward to the opportunity to go down to the Academy and start spending time with Nick and his staff. Nick has been an innovator in the industry for the last 30 years, and has many more great years ahead of him. It is truly an honor to get a chance to work with him,” Gilbert explained.

“We want to give more to every student, no matter their level of play. What Brad brings is a formula of how to fight, how to dig in and make the maximum out of what you’ve got. He’s going to bring how to win … how to get into people’s minds … how to play with what you’ve got. I assure you Brad has always been a favorite of mine because of how he knew how to fight and win. Right now we’ll start with two weeks and see how it goes. But when we need Brad here, he’ll be here,” shared Bollettieri.

Gilbert will make his first appearance at the NBTA in April, future visits will be announced.