Speed stringing, revisited

March 10, 2009

Casey Maus, a member of the Star Stringing team handling the BNP Paribas Open at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden, today restrung four player racquets in only 52 minutes, according to David Mindell of Star Stringing.

Each of the four racquets was strung with Luxilon, and although the old strings had been cut out of the racquets beforehand and the replacement string pre-measured, Maus mounted and installed new strings in each racquet one right after another, taking on average only 13 minutes apiece.

The four racquets were: Head MicroGel Radical MP, Yonex RQiS Tour, and two Wilson K Tours. The customers were one ATP player and two WTA players.

Mindell is so confident this record is unbeatable, he is offering $1,000 reward to anyone who can match Maus’ performance, in terms of both time and quality of the finished product.

Star Stringing can be reached at 888-334-STAR.