Prince Players Ready to Roll at Roland Garros

May 26, 2009

*Bordentown, NJ – May 24, 2009 – *Today marks the start of the second Grand Slam tournament of 2009 – and with it, the official start to tennis season worldwide.

This year’s tournament comes on the heals of the successful global launch of EXO3, the company’s ground-breaking, hot new racquet line which introduced players to the Energy BridgeTM and Energy ChannelTM racquet constructions and the world’s first suspended string bed. Built (and proven) to literally transfer more energy back into the ball, EXO3 racquets are making an impact at every level of the sport, including the highest level of the game, and set to make their Roland Garros debut this week.

Carrying the flag for the new technology is Gael Monfils, who climbed to #9 in the world after making the switch at the end of 2008- before being sidelined with tendinitis in his knees.

But “La Monf” is back and playing Roland Garros. He is the eleventh seed in Paris, and his coach Roger Rasheed explains the impact of EXO3 technology and Gael’s decision to make the racquet switch, “Gael said to me, Roger, the minute I pick up a racquet I will know if it is a great racquet or not. He hit, no exaggeration, two balls and he instantly had greater spin and margin on the ball…two of the other things I was looking for in his game. He said, ‘that’s it. Done.’ For me, it was a bizarre experience to have a player at that level change racquets and go to a completely different frame after hitting only two balls. He trusts the racquet now and it’s 100% that racquet. So the product itself is a big key to the whole package.”

Gael is not the only player taking advantage of EXO3 racquet technology. There are already more than 35 touring pros who have picked up EXO3 frames- not to mention the hundreds of thousands of competitive or recreational players worldwide who are discovering the new racquet line and the benefits of this technology everyday. Already in the United States, the EXO3 Red 105 has become the #1 hot new racquet in the sport*.

The growing adoption of this new line of frames continues to strengthen the overall O-tech platform on which EXO3 was built. In 2005 Prince stuck a flag in the sand of the tennis racquet market by introducing the original O3 racquet. Looking unlike anything before it, O3 enhanced racquet technology by transforming the customary pin-sized string hole grommets along the frame into giant O-ports. The result was a racquet that was designed, produced and played unlike anything before it. Since then, the company has worked to enhance the benefits of O3 technology and today, amazingly, there are, more than 120 ATP and WTA touring pros playing O3 racquets in one form or another.

“It is amazing to see the continued and wide adoption of O-tech racquets among players of all levels-from top touring pros to club-level or beginner-level players. EXO3 is the latest and perhaps most dynamic advancement and the reaction to this line across the board and around the world, has been phenomenal,” says Linda Glassel, VP of Sports Marketing and Brand Image at Prince. “There is an EXO3 racquet for every level of player whether they are looking to pick up the sport or pick up a new frame to raise their level of play.”

Racquets are not the only Prince products making news. Two weeks ago, Albert Montanes became the first player ever to take home an ATP title in head-to-toe Prince. From O Series footwear to Aerotech apparel, there are now more than 50 touring pros in Prince apparel and footwear.

With recent reports regarding participation levels in the sport on the rise, Prince is excited and poised to move into Q2 with more new and exciting products for players. In fact, the Company is set to unveil some additional offerings to players of all levels in the next few weeks. In the meantime, fans can stay up to date on all the latest news and action from Roland Garros and interact with others on or through the Company’s Twitter and Facebook pages as well.