The Babolat Pure Drive Racquet: the story continues!

May 12, 2009

Boulder, Colorado — Babolat announces the launch of a new generation of its emblematic Pure Drive tennis racquet. As powerful and maneuverable as ever, the new Pure Drive racquet has been enhanced with Babolat’s exclusive new GT Technology featuring Graphite Tungsten bringing more control to the game. The 2009 Pure Drive also has a new look while still conserving its characteristic blue color.

Only 15 years old, and already mythical!

Launched in 1994, the Pure Drive has rapidly become a must-have racquet around the world. Equipped with features uncommon in competition – lightweight, powerful and maneuverable thanks to its elliptical structure, and blue color – the Pure Drive has become the weapon of an entire generation of champions. In the past 10 years, three World Number One players established themselves with the Pure Drive: Carlos Moya (1999), Andy Roddick (2003), and Kim Clijsters (2003). In that time, the Pure Drive has been enhanced with exclusive Babolat innovations: Woofer (1999), Cortex System (2006) and GT Technology for the 2009 model.

The Pure Drive has enjoyed success on the courts as well as commercial success with close to 1.5 million units sold in more than 120 countries since its debut. Number one in sales for tennis specialty stores in the US, the Pure Drive has been named the “Racquet of the Decade” by TENNIS magazine.

About GT Technology

The 2009 Pure Drive racquet range

Available in tennis pro and specialty stores May 2009.

Pure Drive

Pure Drive Roddick

Team Accessories

Babolat is also introducing a new line of Team bags that match the colors of the new Pure Drive. The line includes bags that hold 3, 6, 9, or 12 racquets along with a competition bag and backpack.