News Wimbledon action extends off the courts to exciting online gaming venue

June 30, 2009

LONDON—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Following Roger Federer’s triumphant win at the French Open, the tennis world is eagerly waiting to see if he will regain the coveted Wimbledon Crown, or whether his long-time rival, Raphael Nadal will take the win for a second consecutive year.

Federer will surely be seeking revenge over Nadal at Wimbledon, the player who in 2008 interrupted his 5-year reign over the Wimbledon men’s singles title. Topping off the tension are speculations of whether or not Nadal will be able to sustain the two week tennis competition following his recent knee injury.

But the nail-biting excitement surrounding Wimbledon doesn’t stop at the tennis courts. Parallel to this competition, the online gaming site will be running its very own Wimbledon-themed promotion July 1st-5th. All Casino Bellini members playing the slots during this period will automatically be entered into a live online slots tournament, with a chance to compete against other casino members for a grand prize of $5,000! The live competition will be hosted via – the first and only gaming tournament platform with live online updates, which allows players to check their rankings in “real-time”.

Other current live tournaments taking place at Elite Challenge include Casino Tropez’s one day Blackjack Tournament, which will run on the 30th June, and Europa Casino’s Live Slots Tournament, both of which are offering $1,000 grand prizes.