PowerAngle Debuts a New Diagonal Line of Tennis Rackets

June 11, 2009

SCARSDALE, NY — PowerAngle LLC, the only manufacturer of patented, diagonally-strung tennis rackets, introduces a new Diagonal Line of tennis rackets. The PowerAngle PRO (Midsize), CENTRIC (Super-Mid) and GRAND (Oversize) are now available.

Tennis coaches and medical doctors endorse PowerAngle Rackets. PowerAngle’s equal-length diagonals reduce vibration by 40% compared to conventionally-strung rackets, which have unequal-length horizontal and vertical strings. Consequently, PowerAngle players’ shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands are protected from harmful vibrations. Also, diagonal stringing grips a tennis ball better – resulting in the ball staying on the strings longer – providing controlled power and added spin. PowerAngle Rackets are tournament legal and conform to the official ITF Rules of Tennis.

The PowerAngle PRO, a midsize frame at 98 square inches, is the new gold standard for a player’s racket (MSRP $199). The silver PowerAngle CENTRIC is a spin-generating, super-mid frame, measuring 102 square inches (MSRP $209). For players who prefer oversize rackets, the ultra-comfortable, sky blue PowerAngle GRAND plays powerfully at 115 square inches (MSRP $219).

PowerAngle Rackets can be purchased through the company’s headquarters or from retailers nationwide. PowerAngle Rackets are sold online at Tennis Warehouse™, the leading global tennis racket seller on the Internet. In addition, the new Diagonal Line can be play-tested via their demo program at

PowerAngle LLC was founded in 2000. The PowerAngle logo on the diagonal strings is a red diamond. The PowerAngle corporate office is located in Scarsdale, NY, and the PowerAngle distribution center is in Mamaroneck, NY. For more information, visit, email [email protected] or call 914-472-7271.