Prince Enhances Popular EXO3 Racquet Line with Three New Models in U.S

June 1, 2009

Bordentown, NJ — In January 2009, Prince announced the launch of EXO3, its newest high performance tennis racquet line. With a completely radical new frame design and production process, EXO3 racquets feature the patented Energy Bridge™ and Energy Channel™ constructions which literally transfer more energy (up to 26% more) back into the tennis ball upon contact — where players need it most. The EXO3 Red 105 has already captured the #1 “hot new racquet” spot in the sport* while every other current model in the EXO3 line sits within the top fifteen. Now, in an effort to build upon its growing popularity and to round out the offering, Prince is set to introduce three new EXO3 models just in time for summer. Two new advanced player frames and a classic oversize frame will allow more players to take advantage of this ground-breaking racquet technology.

“We have once again carefully applied EXO3 technology to each new model in a manner that addresses the specific needs of the player-type for which the racquet is intended,” said Tyler Herring, Global Business Director for Performance Racquets at Prince. “The EXO3 Ignite is built for a very particular high-level player and will help continue our assault on that growing segment of the market. The EXO3 Blue 110 is built with the millions of recreational club players in mind who look to Prince to help them have more fun on court and who seek the ultimate in comfort and power.”

EXO3 Ignite 95, EXO3 Ignite Team 95 & EXO3 Blue 110

The EXO3 Ignite 95 will join the already popular EXO3 Graphite and EXO3 Rebel racquets in providing advanced-level players an EXO3 racquet with classic features for ultimate control and feel. As with the EXO3 Rebel 95, the racquet choice of Gael Monfils, the EXO3 Ignite 95 will also be available in a “Team” version – the EXO3 Ignite Team 95 – for competitive players who want a lighter-weight, more maneuverable offering. In addition, the EXO3 Blue 110 will be positioned between the EXO3 Silver 118 and EXO3 Red 105 for club players who want the advantage of EXO3 technology in a standard 110 square inch oversize frame.

“With more players taking to tennis courts in the United States, we need to ensure that our racquets deliver the core benefits each player type demands, and focus on making it easy for consumers to identify the right racquet for them at retail,” said Linda Glassel, VP of Sports Marketing and Branding at Prince. “The Graphite, Rebel and Ignite franchises signify racquets built for players typically looking for control-oriented frames in heavier weights and more traditional cross sections. In our recreational frames we have continued with a color naming strategy (Red 105, Blue 110, Silver 118) so players can identity which racquet they should graduate to. If they liked the O3 Blue 110, they will love the EXO3 Blue 110.”

Additional Information and Specifics on Each New EXO3 Model:

EXO3 Ignite 95:

Built for advanced level players with faster swing speeds who are looking for a heavy, yet head light racquet with extra feel and great access to power. The EXO3 Ignite 95 features the Energy Channel in a classic, round Prince head shape with a slightly thicker box beam construction. Pre-installed with String Port Inserts, the EXO3 Ignite 95 provides a bit more “juice” than the EXO3 Rebel 95 and is best suited for players with a skilled all-court game.

EXO3 Ignite Team 95:

Perfect for intermediate to advanced players who like a classic, mid-size frame in a slightly lighter weight for added maneuverability and more power from the baseline. Pre-installed with String Port Inserts, the EXO3 Ignite Team 95 has great “pick up” feel.

EXO3 Blue 110:

Featuring both the Energy Bridge and Energy Channel, this frame is designed for the club player looking for the incredible EXO3 feel in a classic oversize frame. For those who enjoy the forgiving nature of a larger sweetspot and comfortable ride.

*According to the Q1 TIA/SMS Tennis Specialty Store Audit

Note: All specs below represent unstrung racquets. Players can log on to for full information beginning June 15, 2009.


About EXO3 Technology

Built off the game-changing O-Tech platform, EXO3 technology is a revolutionary, patented racquet design concept found only in Prince frames. The heart of EXO3 is an engineering breakthrough called the Energy Bridge™ — an exo skeletal structure made from a blend of multiple strands of carbon fiber that creates tennis’ first suspended string bed. The Energy Channel™, a sculpted groove within the frame, enhances the dynamic benefits of the Energy Bridge™, and provides added stability, boosts ball control and increases spin. Together the two structures help to capture more wasted energy (up to 26% more) and direct it back into the tennis ball, where players need (and want) it most. More energy into the ball means reduced frame vibration, increased outbound and rotational ball energy and velocity which result in more comfort, more spin, more control and more power.