Cash4Gold Invites Wimbledon Champions to Appear in Commercial

July 7, 2009

POMPANO BEACH, Fla.—(BUSINESS WIRE)— Cash4Gold, America’s #1 gold buyer direct from the general public, is pleased to extend invitations to 2009 Wimbledon Singles Champions Serena Williams and Roger Federer to appear in the next Cash4Gold commercial. Cash4Gold today also invites the pair to mail in their newly-acquired trophies to the company for a full assessment and appraisal.

Cash4Gold, a fast-growing company that pioneered the mail-in refining industry, has a history of using celebrities in its advertisements. The company unveiled a highly acclaimed Super Bowl spot earlier this year featuring MC Hammer and the late Ed McMahon. Cash4Gold’s advertisements can currently be seen in print, on national television in the United States and heard across the satellite and terrestrial radio dials.

“Serena Williams and Roger Federer played absolutely inspired tennis over the past two weeks, and I congratulate them on their victories,” said Cash4Gold CEO Jeff Aronson. “Cash4Gold is pleased to invite these two tennis legends to appear in a Cash4Gold commercial, and we would be glad to provide them both with free appraisals of their hard-earned trophies. In fact, tennis champions and tennis fans everywhere are invited to contact us today so that we can help you turn your broken or unwanted gold into cash,” Aronson added.

As one of the most celebrated tennis tournaments in the world, Wimbledon’s trophies have significant sentimental, artistic and historic values which are likely greater than their melt value. Cash4Gold, which owns its own refinery, purchases gold, silver and platinum items based upon their melt value. Melt value refers to the amount of precious metal content that can be extracted and recycled by a refinery.

Certified appraisers at Cash4Gold examined with great interest the trophies held aloft at Centre Court by Williams and Federer. Given the lack of publicly available information about the precious metal content of the two trophies, Cash4Gold is offering the two champions the opportunity to have them assessed at Cash4Gold’s state-of-the-art processing facility using the most advanced assaying equipment in the precious metals industry.