Nike Celebrates Federer’s Historic 15th Grand Slam Title

July 7, 2009

BEAVERTON, Ore.—(BUSINESS WIRE)— Nike (NYSE:NKE) today introduced a 30-second video celebrating tennis great Roger Federer’s record-breaking 15th Grand Slam title. The tribute, broadcast on various networks around the world and posted on, features sports icons Serena Williams, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, John McEnroe and Pete Sampras.

With a win over Andy Roddick at Wimbledon, Federer moved past Sampras who held the record for seven years with 14 Grand Slam titles. The victory came just a few weeks after Federer collected the first French Open title of his career. Over the course of the past six years Federer has won the Australian Open three times, the U.S. Open five times, Wimbledon six times and the French Open once.

Ironically, the only time Sampras and Federer ever faced one another in tournament play was at the 2001 Wimbledon tournament. At the age of 19, Federer defeated Sampras ending his 31-match winning streak at Wimbledon.

The athletes in the tribute video have been intertwined with Federer both on and off the court throughout his career.

In terms of titles, Sampras was considered the best tennis player of all time before Federer passed him with the 15th Grand Slam title.

McEnroe was one of the most prolific tennis players of all time with seven Grand Slam titles, and has announced many of Federer’s matches on network television.

Williams is the most successful women’s tennis player of her era with 22 Grand Slam titles (11 singles, 9 doubles and 2 mixed doubles). Coincidentally, she won her third Wimbledon title 24 hours before Federer.

Jordan and Woods, though not known for their tennis are also considered to be the best that their sports of basketball and golf, respectively, have ever seen. Woods, with 14 Majors titles in golf, and Federer have developed a strong personal friendship over the years.

Nike is giving consumers the opportunity to celebrate Federer’s historic feat with a collection of signature “RF15” tees and hats that will be available at Nike retail around the world while supplies last.