Tennis – for the health of it! Featured in The Physician and Sportsmedicine Journal

July 23, 2009

Tennis — for the health of it!, the United States Professional Tennis Association’s initiative that promotes the health benefits of tennis, is the subject of an article in the June issue of The Physician and Sportsmedicine journal. The article was co-authored by Jack Groppel, Ph.D., co-chair of the Tennis — for the health of it! advisory council, USPTA Master Professional and vice president, co-founder of Human Performance Institute, and Nick DiNubile, M.D., member of the Tennis — for the health of it! advisory council for 2009-10 and orthopaedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine in a private practice in Havertown, Pa.

The article, “Tennis: For the Health of It!,” is part of the clinical features, and delves into research about the specific physical and psychological benefits of playing tennis. The article is currently available for a free viewing at Go to “Current Issue” in the left column and click on June 2009, scroll down under “Clinical Articles” and click on the first link that says “Tennis.”

“This article in The Physician and Sportsmedicine journal gives the game of tennis tremendous credibility in the medical and science community,” said USPTA CEO Tim Heckler. “We hope this will help enhance relationships with the American College of Sports Medicine and other groups in the medical community.”

Tennis — for the health of it! is an initiative started by the USPTA in 2008 to make the general public aware of the tremendous health, fitness and psychological benefits of tennis and encourage people to get out and play the sport as a part of their regular fitness regimens. The sport of tennis is also social and fun, and can be a welcome change to routine gym workouts or as an additional activity in a fitness routine as part of a healthy lifestyle. The USPTA and its members are the front-line delivery force through which the public can receive these benefits through lessons and other tennis activities.