KT Tape Pro Wins ‘Best in Show Consumer Health Product’ Award at NATA 2009 Trade Show

August 10, 2009

Provo, Utah — KT Tape Pro by Lumos Inc. is earning recognition from the professional athletic training community. KT Tape Pro was just named “Best in Show” for Consumer Health Care at the 2009 NATA 60th Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposia in San Antonio, Texas. NATA members who attended the Symposia trade show voted to determine the winners of the “Best in Show” awards.

KT Tape Pro is a leap forward in kinesiology tape—its patent pending design includes improved features that make it longer-lasting, more comfortable and easier to use than other brands. KT Tape Pro comes in larger rolls designed specifically for clinician use, as well as bulk packs designed for team use. But KT Tape Pro also offers an advantage that puts it in a class all its own: It is the first kinesiology tape available in pre-cut, easy-to-use strips for speed and convenience, saving time and money for the team as well as the individual trainer. The pre-cut strips are perforated, which makes it easier for trainers to apply tape on themselves and others. KT Tape Pro pre-cut strips are also a great tool for trainers who want to educate their clients in self-treatment or prevention of recurring injuries with a product that is easy for patients to use.

The exclusive adhesive used on KT Tape Pro creates a stronger, longer-lasting bond than traditional kinesiology tape. KT Tape Pro stays in place for up to 5 days and is waterproof so that it can be worn in the shower, hot tub and pool. The texture of KT Tape Pro is smoother and more comfortable than other brands. KT Tape Pro rolls are 2” x 20’ — 20% more length than other brands, providing greater value. KT Tape Pro is available in pre-cut strips and classic uncut on rolls, and comes in 4 standard colors — black, pink, blue and beige. Bulk rolls in new team color packages (subject to minimum orders) are also available through Sports Supply Group Inc., the nation’s largest manufacturer, marketer and distributor of sporting goods products directly to the institutional and team sports marketplace.

Two-time gold medalist Kerri Walsh endorses KT Tape Pro. Her use of kinesiology tape at the Summer Games in Beijing to aid in the recovery of her rotator cuff catapulted kinesiology tape into the world spotlight. Walsh now uses KT Tape Pro exclusively, and she’s back on the sand court after becoming a first-time mom in May.

“I have put my body through the ringer to get back into competition shape less than 3 months after giving birth,” says Kerri Walsh, two-time Olympic gold medalist. “KT Tape Pro relieves the pain and keeps me going, even after my most intense workouts. I’ve tried other brands, but KT Tape Pro is the best kinesiology tape out there. It’s higher quality, more durable, and so comfortable you hardly notice you have it on.”