TenCate Introduces Warranty on Synthetic Turf Pitches

October 26, 2009

During the 2009 FSB trade fair in Cologne (Germany) TenCate, as the first company in the international synthetic turf industry, will introduce a warranty on the performance and durability of synthetic turf pitches made with TenCate components. These warranties will be offered in cooperation with selected business partners and the insurer ALLIANZ. The first warranty certificate concerning the Dutch soccer club FC Breukelen will be presented to the local municipality at 2 pm this afternoon, Friday 23 October.

TenCate as market leader in the synthetic turf market aims to effect a constant improvement in the qualitative aspects which determine the lifespan of sports pitches. This can only be achieved by means of optimum cooperation in the value chain. TenCate makes the main components of synthetic turf pitches: the grass fibre and the backing of the grass carpet. However, the quality of a synthetic turf pitch is also determined by the way in which these components are assembled and installed on a pitch. TenCate also has comprehensive knowledge and experience in house relating to the construction of the carpet and installation of the synthetic turf surface.

TenCate is introducing two warranty concepts. One concept that focuses on pitches for premier league football and another for pitches that are subjected to exceptionally intensive use.

New grass fibres with TenCate XQ™ Technology – that will be introduced at the FSB – now make it possible to produce pitches that will satisfy the FIFA 2 Star requirements for a long time. In close cooperation with insurance company ALLIANZ and under certain quality conditions TenCate will offer a five-year FIFA 2 STAR performance warranty, called TenCate Performance Warranty Concept™. The first pilot project has recently been completed at soccer club FC Breukelen (NL). This synthetic turf pitch was installed in close cooperation with the Dutch companies Edel Grass and Oranjewoud Realisatie. The certificate for performance warranty will be presented this afternoon.

Guido Vliegen, group commercial director of TenCate Grass explains: “We are convinced that this new FIFA 2 Star warranty concept will enable TenCate to meet an important market need. After all, this concept gives soccer clubs the assurance that a new pitch will continue to meet important performance requirements during its expected lifespan”.

For this reason TenCate will introduce at the FSB a five-year durability warranty on pitches made with TenCate Tapeslide XP™ fibres. TenCate lays down several conditions, but the number of playing hours is unlimited.

Such a wear warranty is unique in the world of synthetic turf and it will supplement the existing warranty. This warranty too will be offered through selected business partners. “This unique warranty program is the way TenCate expresses its confidence in the exceptional durability of our TenCate Tapeslide XP™ products“, says Guido Vliegen.

This innovative concept is based on a number of TenCate patents. The concept combines numerous new ideas for better playing characteristics, stability, rapid installation and recyclability. Next to this, for this concept TenCate will use weaving techniques that are based on the expertise of TenCate in the field of high quality textile materials. Guido Vliegen of TenCate Grass explains: “As the name Concept G4™ indicates, we are showing here a concept in development. However, we want to start actually using the principles demonstrated. The first trial pitches will be completed in the coming year”.

For further information:

TenCate Grass will be present at the FSB trade fair in Cologne (Germany) in Hall 11.3 on stand number G1 from Wednesday 28 to Friday 30 October inclusive.