ReelSticks at the US Open

November 18, 2009

SULLIVANS ISLAND, SOUTH CAROLINA — The ReelSticks invention has recently been installed at the home of the US Open, a Grand Slam tennis tournament, and is poised to make tennis a better, albeit a more difficult sport, globally. Most tennis players don’t even know that without singles sticks they are playing on a court that does not meet the first rule of tennis. Millions of tennis players never see singles sticks until the moment of their biggest match where they literally stand as a practical and psychological performance barrier. The ReelSticks innovation is an elegant solution to all of the problems with traditional singles sticks – availability, measurement, installation and storage. As a technical achievement it has reached the highest level of the sport by being installed at the site of the US Open. Singles sticks are required by the first rule of tennis and have been largely ignored by all but top level amateur, college and pro tennis. ReelSticks quickly and easily converts a doubles court to a regulation singles court.

ReelSticks get the name from the auto-retracting reel and cable attached to the stick that allows it to be extended to the precise distance for singles matches and retracted and stored at its housing on the net post for doubles play. With ReelSticks, singles players can play with a regulation height net at all times and without the inconveniences of the traditional sticks.

Tennis, already one of the most difficult sports in the world is about to get tougher as ReelSticks is adopted by more facilities. Reelsticks may change the sport more toward the traditional serve and volley style as players who approach the net with singles sticks have the advantage of forcing opponents to hit down the line passing shots over a higher net into the shortest part of the court, giving the net player more time to attack a higher passing shot and a better chance of hitting a winning volley. Certainly those who practice with ReelSticks have an advantage over those who don’t.

Southern Conference Tennis Tournament head USTA referee Pat Garren of Travelers Rest was ecstatic about having Reel Sticks on The Citadel courts. “I’ve been an official for 17 years and this is the best thing I’ve seen,” she said. Skip Scarpa, Inventor and Managing Partner of ReelSticks, said, “Playing without singles sticks in place is akin to basketball players competing with goals that are not the required 10 feet high. Basketball players would not do this and with ReelSticks tennis players don’t have to continue to play singles on doubles courts.”

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Above: Skip Scarpa – Inventor and Managing Partner of ReelSticks on Court 13 at USTA’s site of the US Open.

Below: Reel Stick installed with Retractable Stick extended for regulation singles play.