‘Competitive Drills and Games’ premieres on Tennis Channel

December 30, 2009

“On Court with USPTA” is the cable TV show produced by the United States Professional Tennis Association. In this episode USPTA Professional 1 Mark Bey demonstrates games and drills that help players become more competitive while having fun. This episode features several games and drills to help players improve different areas of their game.

Bey demonstrates competitive games that provide rewards for hitting forehands, holding serve, getting first serves in, or smashing winners. Players face consequences for hitting the ball into the net or missing the target. He explains the opportunity for team play in these games and the chance for teams to accumulate points, mimicking tournament competition. Through these competitive games, Bey shows how it is possible to reach the highest levels of practice while having fun.

Bey directs the CARE Academy program at The Libertyville Club in Libertyville, Ill., which is designed for elite junior tennis players looking to earn top sectional and national rankings. He is certified as a USPTA Professional 1 and was named the 2006 CDTA Junior Tennis Coach of the Year and 2005 USOC Developmental Coach of the Year.

“On Court” is a half-hour instructional show featuring USPTA-certified professionals as guest instructors. The USPTA became the first tennis-teaching organization ever to produce and air an educational television series on playing and teaching tennis on the Tennis Channel in 2003. Since then, more than 59 shows have been produced that provide instruction about technique, strategy and other facets of the game, such as fun and fitness. All production is done in-house, which includes everything from planning and scripting to shooting and editing to graphics and DVD duplication. All episodes of “On Court” are now in high-definition.

Don’t miss out on this episode. Tune in to the Tennis Channel on Saturday, Jan. 2, at 11 a.m. Eastern time to see the show. Visit for show times and other “On Court with USPTA” show trailers. Also, all episodes of “On Court with USPTA” and more than 100 other USPTA-produced DVD titles are also available for purchase online at To view featured videos, visit, scroll down and click on the “On Court with USPTA” logo.