Stuffitts Launches New and Improved Shoe Saver

December 27, 2009

Marietta, GA — Stuffitts Shoe Savers (, an industry leader in footwear moisture and odor absorption, is proud to announce the latest version of the shoe saver. With innovative technology and practical design, Stuffitts Shoe Savers feature the latest dual-wick technology, 100% cedar removable inserts, and a washable outer cover for easy cleaning. Stuffitts Shoe Savers remove moisture and eliminate shoe odor in all types of footwear, saving shoes one pair at a time.


“We are excited to introduce our new Stuffitts Shoe Savers to the marketplace,” said CEO Mike Huebner. “Our shoe savers eliminate moisture better than any footwear product, keeping shoes fresh and eliminating that stinky shoe smell. Use them every day to keep your shoes in work-ready, race-ready, everyday life-ready condition.”

Place these soft, foot-shaped forms in your shoes after a run, bike ride or long day at work to eliminate odor and wetness. Made from advanced dual-wick fabric, a patented technical fabric with two layers that accelerate absorption, Stuffitts feature a zippered heel to allow the self-contained cedar insert to be removed. The external fabric can be washed and the 100% Eastern Red Cedar inserts can be replaced easily. Stuffitts come in small, medium, large and extra large to accommodate every size shoe, as well as a variety of colors like black, red or blue.

Stuffitts are now available for $24.99 at select specialty running stores and online at

About Stuffitts Shoe Savers:

Founded out of necessity by Mike Huebner in 2007 while training for a marathon, Stuffitts has become the industry leader in footwear moisture and odor absorption. Stuffitts products are sold in select specialty running stores and online at