TruFocals Wins Popular Science Award

December 2, 2009

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) — Popular Science Magazine has named TruFocals, the market’s first adjustable focus eye glasses, a winner of its coveted 2009 Best of What’s New Award in the Health category. Chosen from thousands of entrants, TruFocals revolutionary lens unit system provides a new alternative for conventional multifocal wearers who want a clear field of view at any distance.

According to the article, TRUFOCALS: THE FIRST GLASSES WITH ADJUSTABLE FOCUS, in December’s Popular Science, “Good for reading the paper, watching a movie and everything in between, TruFocals glasses are the first spectacles to offer adjustable focus on the go. Each lens consists of an outer lens with a corrective distance prescription, and a flexible inner lens.”


“Attached to the latter is a membrane filled with a silicon-based liquid, which remains transparent and fluid at any temperature. Flicking the slider mechanism built into the bridge squeezes the liquid, changing the curvature of the membrane to bring nearby or faraway objects into focus. Available now. $895;”

TruFocals emulate the youthful human eye’s ability to adjust focus by utilizing a lightweight two-lens system. Each “lens” is actually a set of two lenses, one firm and one flexible. The firm front lens holds the distance prescription (including astigmatic and prism corrections). The flexible lens (near the eye) has a transparent distensible membrane attached to a clear rigid surface. The pocket between them holds a small quantity of crystal clear fluid.

As one moves the slider on the bridge, it pushes the fluid and alters the shape of the flexible lens. Changing the shape changes the correction. This movement mimics the way the natural lenses perform in the youthful human eye.

The sliding movement allows one to choose the exact correction that works best at any distance and under any lighting conditions. The front lens can be removed for cleaning, or interchanged with appropriately tinted prescription lenses to be used as sunglasses.

About TruFocals

TruFocals were invented by Dr. Stephen Kurtin, a successful inventor with more than 30 patents to his name. Recognizing that multi-focals, progressives or carrying multiple pairs of single vision glasses did not provide a satisfactory vision solution, he set out to develop a better one. The result, after 20 years of development is TruFocals, the world’s first-and only-eyeglasses offering on-demand, user-adjustable, infinitely variable focus through the entire field of view.

TruFocals are available through eye care professionals or via TruFocals are scratch-resistant and antireflective, contain anti-smudge coatings; and protect your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays. This product is covered by one or more of the following US patents: 5,138,494; 5,668,620: 5,956,183; 6,040,947; 6,053,610; and 7,008,054.

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